With tens of thousands of MNAI struts installed on over 90% of all commercial aircraft built since 1973, our telescoping and fixed length struts and hold-open supports have become the first choice of design engineers. Produced in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, lengths and special features, MNAI struts are perfectly suited for many industrial, commercial, marine and aviation applications. Every strut we make features our patented locking mechanism, an optimum weight/strength ratio, and design flexibility with multiple end-fitting compatability, rod end bearings, universal joints, clevis pins and more.
With MNAI interlock and coupling devices are designed to provide quick connect and disconnect capabilities and can be made to fit virtually any load or shape. Actuation may be manual, hydraulic, pneumatic or electric. MNAI locking devices feature automatic lock-up, are impervious to vibration and can withstand high sheer and tension loads. Free of design limitations, their simple construction allows for design flexibility with no loose parts. With thousands already in the field with loading ranges from 100 pounds to 35 tons, you'll find an affordable configuration to meet your needs.
MNAI produces a complete line of Manual and Electromechanical Linear Actuators for precise adjustment and alignment of equipment in numerous military, industrial and communications applications. Featuring a rugged design that stands up in even theharshest environments. MNAI linear actuators are heavy duty enough to often serve as a structual member of these systems. All MNAI linear actuators are weatherproof and provide rapid adjustment, fail safe holding brakes, manual override, highly visible readouts, and maintenance free actuation.