• Metallic Duct Connectors (ABS & NSA Spec.)
  • FAA Ducting Repair
  • Silicone & Glass Seals (Purolator and O'Ring type)
  • Specialist Silicone/Glass mouldings and Connectors, gaskets and extrusions.
Manufacture and overhaul of a wide range of components used in the environmental control, pneumatic distribution and anti-icing systems of the Worlds aircraft.

Components are produced to the highest of standards from the latest technology - rubber, textiles and metals to meet the ever growing demands of the Aerospace industry.

Products designed to meet customers' exact requirements with design consultants available to assist any project engineer and designer to solve new requirements. Every effort is made to ensure that the company is geared to giving a rapid and efficient response to customer enquiries.

Stringent quality control inspection and assurance systems are laid down to ensure the establishment and maintenance of quality standards of products and materials as required by relevant customer approvals.

In-house testing equipment is available for carrying out a wide range of test programmes to ensure that all products are compliant and lifed.